Alsancak Car Rental

Alsancak Car Rental
It is among the Alsancak car rental offices, which is connected to the Konak district of Izmir. Since Alsancak is a highly developed town in terms of tourism, it sees an intense demand in terms of fleet rental services.

Alsancak, which is frequented by millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year, is also very rich in terms of places to visit. Among them, popular spots are places such as Alsancak Train Station, Gündoğdu Square, Cyprus Martyrs Street.

Alsancak Car Rental
In Izmir Alsancak car rentals, it is possible to leave the rented vehicle in a different destination. As a matter of fact, you can determine any location between the car rental offices and deliver your car, whose rental period has expired, to one of these points. There is a one-way fee in this process.

For example; Let's say you rent a car through Adnan Menderes Airport. In case the rental period expires, you can leave your vehicle at the Alsancak car rental office or at a different location on the list.

It would be appropriate to mention individual and corporate car rental services in Alsancak. With Moon Rent a Car, which stands out with its wide fleet, it is possible to rent an hourly vehicle, as well as daily, weekly and monthly fleet rentals. Such services mostly cover individual car rental services.

On the other hand, rentals made by corporate companies require a minimum one-year car rental. It is also called long-term car rental.

Alsancak Rental Car Prices
Alsancak car rental prices start from one thousand 50 TL. Variables such as rental period, vehicle model, automobile class, transfer service, mileage limit are important factors affecting the determination of car rental prices.

Daily car rental prices vary between thousand 50 – thousand 690 TL on average. Economy class vehicles are among the ideal segments for daily use. The increase in the rental period ensures that the car rental prices are more economical.

On the other hand, foreign passport customers are exempted from rental car deposit and vehicle mileage limit. This is reflected in the car rental prices as an advantage.

Get Izmir Alsancak car rental service 24/7 with Moon Rent a Car, one of the Alsancak Rent a Car companies!
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