Antalya Airport Car Rental

Antalya Airport Car Rental
Antalya Airport Rent a Car

Yeşilköy, Antalya Airport International Terminal 1, 07230 Muratpaşa / ANTALYA

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Our office works 24 hours a day.

As Antalya car rental, we offer advantageous and wonderful offers for our customers. We help our customers with price and suitable car rental preferences, as well as provide convenience for their wonderful holidays.

As a car rental company in Antalya, which is the most important holiday and tourism paradise of our country, we provide you with the most suitable conditions in line with the positive support and requests we receive from our customers. We offer car rental opportunities to both Turkish and foreign customers in Antalya, where domestic and foreign tourists are crowded especially in the summer months.

Due to our busy working systems during the summer months, it is very important to make reservations in advance so that our customers do not suffer from grievances. Our contact number and e-mail address are available, you can make an appointment by contacting our company through these channels.

As Antalya car rental, we are at your service with comfortable, luxurious and high satisfaction services to our customers. With its social structure, historical and urban texture, Antalya has the characteristics of a city suitable for vehicle tours. You will encounter good opportunities and quality services where you can travel to Antalya, where you have come for a holiday, as if you were your own vehicle without getting tired.

As a car rental company, we pay utmost attention to the satisfaction of our customers. We provide a healthy service to you by cleaning the vehicles rented by our customers after each rental, inside and out. Traveling in our luxury vehicles will provide our customers with an extremely comfortable and quality holiday opportunity.

Antalya Airport Car Rental
Antalya Airport is always with our customers traveling to Antalya, one of the most important tourism centers of Turkey and the world, as a car rental. Antalya attracts millions of tourists every year from Turkey and the world with its unique natural beauties, nature, historical artifacts and ruins. Tourists coming to the region can visit world-famous historical sites and ruins such as the ancient city of Aspendos and Side, enjoy the Mediterranean stretching along the unique beaches, and participate in mountain and slope sports activities. As Antalya Airport car rental, we do our best to ensure that our customers can travel in the region in a pleasant and comfortable way.

Why is it advantageous to rent a car from Antalya Airport?
Renting a car offers significant advantages compared to public transportation or owning a car. Although public transportation seems to be a more economical choice for short-term needs, it is very restrictive and troublesome in terms of comfort, especially because the areas in the region are spread over a wide area. With car rental, you can reach wherever you want comfortably and quickly, while traveling in public transport is possible in extremely restrictive times and to restrictive areas. In long-term needs, purchasing a vehicle can create heavy financial burdens in the long run, such as vehicle tax, compulsory traffic insurance, maintenance costs, as well as the money to be paid for the vehicle. As Antalya Airport Car Rental, we strive to provide our customers with both long-term and short-term rental opportunities according to their needs, and to make them experience the pleasure of the region in the most comfortable and most economical way.

Antalya Car Rental Conditions
As our company, we work meticulously in terms of the life and safety of our customers. In addition, we rent our vehicles with certain conditions in order to ensure that our vehicles are delivered safely. These conditions are very necessary for the health of our customers and the reliability of our company.

Our company has classified its vehicles so that they can be rented more economically. Our vehicles are divided into economic, upper, medium and premium categories. In addition, the quality of our vehicles is also directly effective in this classification.

In our classifications, which helps our customers to choose the vehicles that fit their budget more easily, our rental hours are determined as a full day for at least 24 hours.

Our customers who will rent a car should pay attention to traffic rules and not to violate them. Our company does not accept responsibility in cases where the speed limit is exceeded. Penalties are collected from customers in cases of violation of traffic rules and penalties for exceeding speed limits. This decision is very important for both our customers and our company in terms of life and property health.

Our company provides some assurances to our customers in case of an accident. For example, in the event of an accident, if the driver of the vehicle does not have any faults, the damage is covered by our company.

In case of an accident, another precaution taken in order for our company to cover the damage is the vehicle. our customer is at the wheel. According to our company policies, if more than one driver will use the rented vehicle, this must be reported. Different drivers who will use the vehicle can also be under the guarantee of our company by paying additional fees. Otherwise, our company will not cover the damage.

Our company will not cover the damage in cases such as parking in the wrong parking lot, handing over the key of the vehicle to someone else and leaving the doors open.

Our terms:

Antalya car rental for economic vehicles: In the vehicles you rent for this class, our customers must be at least 21 years old and have a driver's license for at least 1 year.
Antalya car rental for medium vehicles: For vehicles in this class, our customers must be at least 25 years old and have a driver's license for at least 2 years.
Antalya car rental for top vehicles: Our customers who will rent cars in this class must be at least 28 years old and have a driving license of at least 5 years.
Antalya car rental for premium vehicles: Customers who will rent vehicles for vehicles in this class must be at least 28 years old and have a driving license of at least 5 years.
Persons who want to rent a vehicle other than the conditions written above, if they are stuck with age and driver's license period, can rent vehicles by taking advantage of our package called young driver. However, in order to benefit from this package, our customers are required to purchase SCDW insurance.

Antalya Car Rental Prices
Antalya car rental prices vary according to which vehicle will be selected from the vehicle classes in the category we have mentioned above. Apart from these classifications, our rental hours are determined as at least 24 hours, and if our customers who want to rent a shorter rental period comply with the 24-hour limit and pay the 24-hour fee, they can be rented.

Our company collects additional fees from our customers who rent their vehicles in case of delays. However, we have additional hour packages to alleviate the burden of payments in these delays.

Within these additional hour packages, for example, 30 percent of the 24-hour fee is charged for 1-3 hours. However, in cases exceeding 2 hours, our customers have to pay the full day rate.

During our car rental transactions, our customers can restrict their payment in case of damage to our external assurance packages. For this reason, we have insurance packages that we have created.

In order to benefit from these insurance packages, our customers must comply with the specified conditions. For example, in the event of an accident with the vehicle, the driver of the vehicle must first take an alcohol test. If the test is not done, in this case, the customer who uses the vehicle may experience victimization.

Our customer who rents the vehicle in our Antalya car rental company must deliver the goods in the vehicle completely, otherwise the fee will be deducted from the renter and our company will not be held responsible for any of the problems that occur.

Antalya Moon Rent A Car Office Information
Yeşilköy, / Antalya Airport International Terminal 1, 07230 Muratpaşa / ANTALYA

+90 850 532 11 93