Bodrum Airport Car Rental

Bodrum Airport Car Rental
A Day in Bodrum
If you are in a place like Bodrum that offers you more than you imagine, the first thing you should do is to get a car rental service. Because the vehicle will save you a lot of time while exploring this unique place. You can quickly perform the car rental process from the Moon Bodrum car rental office. After completing the Bodrum car rental process, you can immerse yourself in the arms of the Aegean Sea or go on a taste tour in stylish restaurants. What to eat in Bodrum? What can you do here in one day? What is Bodrum famous for? What are the places to visit in Bodrum? We have prepared a travel guide for you with the answers to your questions.

Breakfast in Bodrum
One of the advantages of saying hello to the day in Bodrum is the pleasure of breakfast tables equipped with the freshest of everything. Bodrum breakfast places are famous for taking the taste experience to the top. Having a village breakfast in Bodrum will be a wonderful experience. Freshly baked bread, fresh pancakes prepared for your order, and delicious jams are among the essentials of these breakfasts. Some local delicacies that will add flavor to your breakfast are Bodrum style water pastry, bagel, Aegean style herb stuffed pastry, tangerine jam and eggs with cottage cheese.

Where to go in Bodrum?
After a sumptuous breakfast, you are ready to explore Bodrum. At this time of the day, you can see the Myndos Ancient City in Gumusluk. The ruins in Myndos, which are thought to have been founded by the Leleges, one of the oldest civilizations in Anatolia, are quite impressive. It is possible to reach Myndos with a short journey of 24 km from the center. On the way from the city center to Myndos, when you realize the length of the road, you will be very pleased that you rented a car.

Uranion Ancient City in Geriş Village of Yalikavak is another alternative. Uranion, which also belongs to the Leleges, was built on two hills. On the hill near the shore, you can see a mausoleum, bastion and water remains. On the other hill, the walls built by the Leleges are exhibited. Traces of Bodrum's deep-rooted past await you in these two ancient cities.

A Delicious Break
You started the day with a hearty breakfast, but your visit to ancient cities must have made you hungry. Then you can continue to taste the delicacies of Bodrum cuisine from where you left off. Our recommendation for lunch is, of course, fish. There are many places in the city that stand out with their claims in seafood. Bodrum residents recommend that you try the angler fish, and in season turbot, bonito and bluefish are among the options worthy of your mouth. Grilled octopus and calamari, sailor's appetizer, hot herb roast are also among the Bodrum flavors you should try.

Continue Explore
If you are a sea lover, you can reward yourself with magnificent Bodrum beaches after lunch. Bagla Bay, about 15 km from the center, is one of the most beautiful corners of the peninsula. Bağla Beach, also known as Develi Beach, is among the favorites of not only those who want to swim, but also those who are interested in water sports.

Gümüşlük Beach is another of the numerous options. However, the feature that distinguishes this place from the others is the view of Rabbit Island off the coast. If you wish, you can swim in Gumusluk or you can go to the island by using a dirt road. It is quite enjoyable to watch Bodrum from Rabbit Island, which has a calmer environment than the beaches on the mainland.

We also recommend you to visit Aquarium Bay, which is famous for its clear sea. Located between Gümbet and Bitez, formerly Adaboğazı, the bay is one of Bodrum's favorites with its magnificent view and clean sea.
If you do not want to spend your afternoon on the sea, you can visit Bodrum Castle. The castle, which is the symbol of Bodrum, serves as the Underwater Archeology Museum today. After the castle, you can see the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus and end your tour at the Bodrum Antique Theatre.

Evening Enjoyment in Bodrum
You had a wonderful day with history, nature and delicious food. The closing should be as memorable as the day itself. The flavors we recommend for this will of course be seafood again. Sour bonito and stuffed mullet are some of Bodrum's popular delicacies. If you want to eat red meat for dinner, Bodrum kebab will be a good option. Appetizers and snacks served alongside the main course are just as hearty and delicious as the main meals. We recommend you to try many flavors such as stuffed zucchini flower, rock grove salad, mustard herb salad, roasted hibiscus, fried zucchini flowers, even if they are a little bit.
Bodrum nights
If you still have energy at the end of a wonderful day and want the day not to end, the destination is Bodrum Bar Street. You can choose the one you want among countless venues that appeal to all tastes, or you can shuttle between bars.

Bodrum Car Rental
After making your car rental transactions from Moon Bodrum car rental office, you can discover the beauties of the city more comfortably and quickly. Lose your Bodrum car rental reservationYou can do it quickly with it or on our website.

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