Muğla Airport Car Rental

Muğla Airport Car Rental
Dalaman Airport 48780 Dalaman / MUGLA
• +90 850 532 11 93

Our Dalaman and Bodrum Airport offices work 24 hours a day.
As Muğla car rental, we aim to provide a complete service to our customers. Our company, which offers trust, comfort and convenience together, would like to see you in its customer staff. You can use our services whenever and wherever you want. It is possible to benefit from car rental services as an individual or corporate. With our Muğla car rental service, we bring our customers together with extremely advantageous offers, and help people choose the vehicle they find most suitable for them, while also helping them with the price. Our institution, located in Muğla, which is one of the cities that frequently receive visitors, provides its customers with the best quality and most regular service, provides them with various conveniences and helps people to have a comfortable, comfortable and luxurious travel.
As a quality company that provides car rental services in Muğla, we are among the most preferred ones. Our company pays great attention to customer satisfaction and offers the most comfortable vehicles according to the budget of the person. Our institution helps the realization of a healthier rental process by cleaning the vehicle inside and out after each rental. Traveling in our luxury vehicles will make people feel extremely comfortable. In Muğla, which is a holiday destination, there will be no need for unnecessary fatigue thanks to our vehicles, people will be able to use our vehicles and feel the quality as if they are using their own vehicles. Muğla is an extremely social city due to its structure.
Especially in the summer months, it receives millions of visitors and the beaches of Muğla are full. Our company, which offers car rental services to both Turkish visitors and tourists, ensures that people maintain the comfort they are used to on vacation and that their holidays are not bad. Everything about renting a car can be found easily in our institution, which provides intensive service especially in the summer months. Due to the intensity experienced, especially in the summer months, making a reservation in advance will prevent the grievances of people. Our contact numbers and e-mail address are available.
Mugla Car Rental Conditions
Our institution rents its vehicles under certain conditions in order to protect the health of people and to ensure that the vehicles are delivered safely. This is both a necessary condition for the health of people and keeps our company and our customers away from unnecessary costs.
Our company has classified its vehicles as premium, upper, medium and economical. This classification not only determines the quality of the vehicle, but also helps people to choose the vehicle that fits their budget. Our company has determined the rental time as at least 24 hours.
The person who will rent a car must pay attention to the traffic rules and speed limit. Our company provides some assurances in case of an accident.
Our terms:
• Economic vehicles: In the vehicles we rent for this class, people must be at least 21 years old and have a driver's license for at least 1 year.
• Medium vehicles: For vehicles in this class, the people who will rent the vehicles must be at least 25 years old and have a driving license for at least 2 years.
• Top vehicles: For vehicles in this class, the people who will rent the vehicles must be at least 28 years old and have a driver's license for at least 5 years.
• Premium vehicles: For vehicles in this class, the people who will rent the vehicles must be at least 28 years old and have a driver's license for at least 5 years.
Apart from all these, if the person is old and stuck in the driver's license period, he can rent the vehicles by taking advantage of the young driver package, but in this case, the person will have to take SCDW insurance.
Mugla Car Rental Prices
Muğla car rental prices vary according to which vehicle will be selected from the above-mentioned 4 class groups. Apart from this, the rental hour has been determined as at least 24 hours, and those who want to rent a shorter time are obliged to pay at least 1 full day.
Our institution also collects a fee for the late fees of the vehicles. We have additional hour packages available, and if the person does not make the necessary payment by phone, a full day fee will be charged for vehicles delayed by more than 1 hour. Our additional hour fees are 30 percent of the full day rate for 1-3 hours, and in cases exceeding 3 hours, the full fee must be paid.
During the rental process, the lessee can buy extra assurance packages and restrict his payment in case of damage to the vehicle. We have various assurance packages, which means a kind of insurance packages, created for this purpose. However, in order to benefit from these assurance fees, the specified conditions must also be taken into account. For example, in the event of an accident with a vehicle The person should have an alcohol test immediately.
The tenant must bring everything in the vehicle with him. In case of deficiency, the fee is deducted from the tenant. Additional services such as navigation device and baby seat are not included in our services. These must be specified at the time of the contract and provided at an additional cost. In addition, if more than one person will use the vehicle, these must also be specified and an additional fee must be paid for them. Otherwise, our company will not be held responsible for any of the problems that occur, and all the damage will be transferred to the customer.
Dalaman Airport Car Rental Facilities
Dalaman car rental services, Moon Rent A Car has many models and brands, special vehicles for every budget and choice. All our vehicles will be ready to go on a journey with you in a hygienic, trouble-free and well-maintained manner. As you can see on our website, our vehicle fleet is divided into four different categories and the possibilities and terms of use they offer are determined differently. You can examine our vehicles and make your choice among the economic, medium, luxury and premium vehicle categories for Dalaman car rental and Dalaman Airport car rental.
You can get help from us about all the issues you experience with your vehicles. You can visit various provinces of Turkey, especially Muğla. You can take advantage of Muğla Dalama Airport car rental service and handle your business without any problems with your vehicles. Within the scope of Dalaman car rental and Dalaman Airport car rental from our company, you must comply with the rules we have determined when renting a car. At the beginning of these rules is that you must receive our vehicles as they were delivered to you. Our vehicles must be filled with the same gas, the keys and documents must be complete. Apart from that, you have to deliver it without exceeding the specified km. If you want to get more detailed information about Dalaman car rental, you can get information from us.
Our Rental Vehicles
Moon Rent A Car has 9 branches throughout Turkey. We continue to serve our valued customers with our mission of always high customer satisfaction motivation in our economic vehicles, middle class vehicles, luxury vehicles, and suv vehicles categories in our vehicle fleet. In addition, we are honored and proud to serve you as car rental in categories open to individual differences such as Audi A3 Convertible, Audi A6, Volkswagen Passat, Seat Arona. Our company, which provides anti-bacterial cleaning for up to 6 months in our entire vehicle fleet and applies Silver Ion bacteria cleaning, opens the doors of a unique and comfortable journey to its customers with facilities such as child seats and WIFI. To realize this unique travel experience, you can visit our website, examine our vehicles, or make your rental transactions.
Why is Milas Car Rental Advantageous?
Road car rental, which is used to meet our short or long-term needs, provides some important advantages to customers when viewed from a broad perspective. Although long-term bank loans make those who want to buy a car smile, long-term car rental, which has been widely used recently, is an important alternative to meet the need for vehicles. The second important advantage is that when you want to buy a vehicle, you should allocate an extra budget for compulsory traffic insurance as well as all the down payment and monthly payments. In addition, all maintenance and repair costs will be added to your budget. Of course, motor vehicle tax and vehicle inspection costs should not be forgotten.
Milas Airport car rental is an alternative at this point, and since your payments will be regular and fixed, you can determine your monthly expenses and rent the vehicle that suits your needs.
Mugla Car Rental
If you are looking for support on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in Muğla car rental, we would like to state that you are at the right address. Car rental is a type of service that has been very popular lately. Previously, this service was preferred by large companies, but now this service is preferred by more individual people.
However, before choosing our vehicles, it will be in your best interest to determine what kind of vehicle you need. When you determine a vehicle according to your needs, we, as Moon Rent a Car company, can provide the vehicles you want.
The most important point that you need to pay attention to in long-term car rental in Muğla car rental is that the vehicle should be rented from corporate companies. As a highly professional company, we ensure that your vehicles are delivered to you without any problems. In the long term, car rental service will put you in a great financial comfort, especially in financial terms. Combining all these points You can choose the right company for you and reach your vehicles.
When you come to our offices within the scope of your Muğla car rental request, we host you and provide the necessary information on the subject. When you carry the intense conditions to the vehicles you want, we make the contract and deliver the vehicles to you. The fact that the vehicles can be used so widely is to the advantage of many people.
Mugla Rent A Car
We are always with you as Muğla Rent a Car service with our attractive prices and quality vehicles. Buying a new car can strain your budget. At this point, we step in and help you with our tools. If you rent a car for your Muğla Rent a Car needs through our company, you can benefit from the following advantages:
- You will not have to pay taxes for vehicles.
- When you buy a new vehicle, you will not have to deal with credits for vehicles.
- You will not need to change tires or have the vehicle serviced at different times.
- You will get away from taxes, insurance or various helmets.
- You can choose the one you want among the models you want.
The criteria we mentioned above are among the biggest advantages of renting a car. You can get the vehicles you want to rent from our offices within the scope of your Muğla Rent a Car needs. When you apply for our vehicles online, they will be reviewed by our team members and returned to you.
Mugla Car Rental
There are many reasons for you to rent a car from our company for your Muğla car rental business. Thanks to the large vehicle capacity you offer to our customers, we, as Muğla car rental, provide you with the necessary assistance. You can pick up the vehicle you need from our offices. If you are not close to Muğla to receive our vehicles, you can contact us on our phone numbers at this point. Our phone numbers you can reach are:
• 0850 532 11 93 Dalaman office
You can always contact us at these numbers. If you want, you can also reach us at our e-mail address. If you want to rent a car from our company in order to solve your Muğla car rental needs, you can make the payment with a credit card. When you receive our vehicles, you must deliver them on time. In case of delayed delivery of vehicles, you must inform us at least 24 hours in advance. If you give notice after this period, unfortunately, a full-day fee will be allocated.
Mugla Car Rental
As Muğla car rental, we help all our customers who want to get service from us. We offer various assurances to our customers in case of a minor accident that may happen to you. Our vehicles are above all very durable and safe. If you are involved in an accident with the vehicles of Moon company and it is determined that alcohol or drugs were used in the event of an accident, then the responsibility will be entirely on the driver. You will have to return the vehicles you have received from us as we delivered them. We ensure that our customers survive the accidents that occur with the least damage.
Our vehicle sector, which grows and continues to grow every day, including our Muğla car rental service, is aimed at meeting the needs of our customers. Thanks to our experienced staff and experienced teammates, you can trust us to provide you with the most perfect service. For more information about Muğla car rental, you can call us from our contact numbers.
Muğla Airport Car Rental
You can reach us from our Muğla Airport car rental office during working hours on weekdays and between certain hours on weekends. You can experience quality rides with our quality and affordable vehicles. We have many models under our structure, especially to help our customers who do not have their own vehicle. Our company, which responds to all kinds of needs in Muğla Airport car rental, is with you so that you do not have any difficulties in the cities you go to! You can go to every city in Turkey with the vehicles you rent as part of our Muğla Airport car rental service.
Generally, after the trips are planned, the vehicles are started to be looked at. However, we would like you to arrange your vehicle in advance so that you do not encounter a situation such as not being able to find a vehicle due to our busy schedule. You can book our vehicles in advance, so you can plan as you wish without any vehicle problems. In order to avoid any mishaps due to our high density, online reservations can be made on our website. For more information about Muğla Airport car rental, you can contact us by calling our phone numbers.

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