Istanbul Airport Car Rental

Istanbul Airport Car Rental
Istanbul Airport Car Rental
With our Izmir airport car rental company, we provide car rental services to our customers from abroad and also help them to rent their cars at affordable prices. With our Istanbul airport car rental company, we have offices that provide car rental services not only to our house but also to our customers landing in Istanbul.

Airport car rental is a very efficient service area, especially for tourists coming to our country from abroad, and it is possible to rent a car for the number of days they will stay within the borders of the Republic of Turkey.

At this point, they can make their vehicles ready by renting a car before landing, and thus, they can complete their journey by taking delivery of their vehicles according to the landing time.

Although it is more common for people coming from abroad to travel by car to their destination by landing in Istanbul, people who will travel through points such as the Aegean Region or Mediterranean region land in Izmir.

Thanks to our company, where you can get car rental service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can safely receive your previously rented car right after landing from the plane. Our passengers who travel not only abroad but also on domestic lines can travel to their destination by renting a car through our company.

What are Airport Car Rental Terms?
Thousands of tourists are transported to the airport every year, and at the same time, many people in the country travel to distant destinations by using the airway for various reasons. Whether traveling between cities or between countries, the most needed service at this point is considered to be car rental service.

Especially in our country, Atatürk Airport, Sabiha Gökçen Airport and İzmir Adnan Menderes airport are actively providing passenger transportation and are considered to be the airports where the most passengers and generally tourists land.

At this point, thanks to our company, which provides car rental services, you can rent a car before landing or even before boarding the plane, and you can receive the car you have rented when you land. However, our important population, which our customers should not forget, car rental from the airport is carried out depending on some conditions, and it is very important to meet these conditions.

First of all, people should definitely contact us by reviewing the vehicle on our website, pay the fee of the semi-car to be rented, and take into account the landing time and make the rental process.

Especially considering the possibility of delay at the landing time, it is necessary to consider 1 or 2 hours after the vehicle will be delivered, without directly taking the landing time as a basis. Otherwise, vehicles not received on time from the contract can be allocated to other customers.

The necessary conditions for Airport car rental service can be listed as follows;

driver's license
Driver age
rental price
rental period
late delivery
additional driver
Particular attention should be paid to important issues in order for the people who will benefit from the car rental service to provide some necessary rules within the scope of insurance and insurance, and at this point, the insurance can be considered valid at the time of the accident. The cause of the accident is very important at this point and important points should be paid attention to in order not to lose the validity of the insurance. The situations in which the insurance loses its validity can be listed as follows;

Using prohibited substances such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.
Determination of negligence in the accident that occurred.
Keeping a report as a result of any accident that may occur in traffic immediately.
The use of the vehicle by a person other than the names specified while renting a car.
Exceeding the specified legal speed limit.
Not exceeding the load limit specified in the rental agreement.
Failure to use the vehicle on recognized highways.
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