We can say that İzmir, which is the largest city after Ankara and accepted as the capital of the Aegean, leaves unforgettable memories to its visitors with its 8,500 years of history and nature. Since Izmir is a very rich and colorful city in terms of places to visit, it will take you a long time to visit the whole city. Therefore, let us briefly describe the prominent historical places and the touristic European aspect of the city and create a small guide for you. Let's give a brief summary of the places to visit in Izmir, the important and beautiful places known in the center and the surrounding towns.

     I think it would not be wrong to say that your trip will be incomplete if you do not taste the flakes, boyoz, sweets and crocus on the streets while visiting this beautiful city, whether it is the center of Izmir or the surrounding towns. Or, having your iced almonds and chatting with the warm-hearted people of the Aegean in Kordon will certainly add another color to your trip.

    Step by step from the center of the city to its surroundings…

Kordon Square
     Even as a day trip, if you happen to go to İzmir and ask where you should stop by, we would say Kordon length first. Because the vast blue sea that relaxes and calms people, the breeze of Kordon, the sounds of seagulls and ferries mingling with the sounds of people sitting tall and fencing crocus will encourage you to extend your day trip for 3-4 days. When you walk along the bay, you can visit the magnificent building of the Municipality, the District Governor's Mansion, which has remained from the Ottoman Empire, the Clock Tower, which is another Ottoman work and has not stopped since 1901, and you can leave unforgettable memories for yourself by taking photos.

One day in Izmir
Even though you need much more than a day to explore İzmir, you can breathe the air of this city in the best way in 24 hours with the right suggestions. What to eat in Izmir in this article, which we prepared with the help of tips from the people of Izmir? What are the places to see in Izmir? You will find answers to questions such as: The most important step that will make it easier for you to plan your Izmir trip is to rent a car. You can take your Izmir car rental service quickly from the Moon Izmir car rental office and set off. Izmir car rental process will give you comfort and speed for the day you will spend in the city.

Breakfast in Izmir
When breakfast is mentioned in İzmir, boyoz, crispy and dove come to mind. You can reach these flavors and much more in many bakeries that you will come across. If you wish, you can have your breakfast accompanied by cereal, sayas cheese and tea or boyoz and eggs. If you want to have breakfast by resting and enjoying the city for a longer time, you can easily choose many places along Kordon.

Smyrna Ancient City
     The dictionary meaning of “Agora” means bazaar, market, city center. Agora, the center of trade, religion, politics and art with its 8,500 years of history, is a historically rich place with statues and monuments presented to the gods.

     It is estimated that the Izmir Agora was built during the Roman Period in the 2nd century AD, and the historical artifacts found here are now exhibited in the Izmir Archaeological Museum. In addition, this ancient city, in which the Agora was located, has one of the largest ancient theaters and stadium in the world. In addition, the entrance to the Ancient City is free.

     For a more comfortable transportation to the Ancient City of Smyrna, you can take advantage of our Izmir car rental opportunities and rent the most suitable vehicle for you and continue your tour comfortably in the direction you want.

Historical elevator
     Historical Elevator is a historical building located in Konak district of Karataş district of İzmir. The purpose of this elevator, which was built in 1907 by a Jewish businessman, Nesim Levi Bayraklıoğlu, is to facilitate the transition between the two districts and to eliminate the obligation of the public to climb the 155-step ladder. Previously, the left tower was powered by steam and the right one was powered by electricity, but with the restoration carried out in 1985, both elevators started working with electricity. There is a wooden balcony where the elevator reaches Halil Rıfat Paşa Caddesi. Thanks to the viewing terrace on the balcony, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of Izmir. This elevator, which is a historical monument, also serves as a place of entertainment, culture and rest. Since there is a restaurant and cafe in the elevator, we have no doubt that taking a breather and enjoying the sunset will give everyone a completely different pleasure. By the way, you don't have to pay anything to get to the top of the elevator.

     You can use the ferry services to reach the Historical Elevator, which is within walking distance of Konak, from the Karşıyaka side, and you can reach the elevator after a short walk. For a more comfortable transportation to the historical Elevator, you can take advantage of our Izmir car rental opportunities and rent the most suitable vehicle for you and continue your tour comfortably in the direction you want.

Dario Moreno Street
     travel in Izmir One of the first places to visit is Dario Moreno Street, located at the entrance of Mithatpaşa Street in Konak district. It was named after pianist, theater actor and musician Dario Moreno, who was born in 1921, with his real name David Arugete. Dario Moreno, a Turk of Jewish descent, is also a local artist from Izmir.

     It has managed to preserve its historical texture by lining up the historical mansions and mansions that still belong to the Greeks and are used by the Greeks. This street, which includes the house where Moreno lived in the 1940s with his 4 siblings and mother, is a place that can attract the attention of those who love historical places with its old Italian style houses. Sweet cafes, art schools and small shops on the street, combined with soft and light music, create an incredible ambiance for their visitors.

     Dario Moreno Street, which is very close to the historical Elevator, always manages to preserve its historical but lively atmosphere, sometimes with small celebrations and entertaining events.

A delicious break
After the Ephesus tour, you can choose the surrounding restaurants to have a pleasant break. You can have a great lunch in restaurants that successfully serve Mediterranean and Aegean flavors. If you wish, you can also expect to have a meal in Sığacık, which will be your next stop, with a small snack at the famous pancakes in the region. Since the best part of traveling in the Aegean means being close to delicious salads, appetizers and seafood, both Efes and Sığacık have restaurants that will more than meet your expectations in this regard.

Cesme Peninsula
     Çeşme, which has always been one of the favorite holiday destinations of İzmir, is one of the most preferred places by celebrities, tourists and holidaymakers every year in summer. It teaches people the reason why Alaçatı is preferred by thousands of people every year with its clear sea, clean coves, beaches, colorful houses and streets.

      Ilıca Beach, which has a white sandy beach, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Çeşme. The unique view, both during the daytime and at sunset, is truly worth seeing.

      Çeşme's Alaçatı is just as famous as İzmir's Çeşme. When you walk the streets of Alaçatı, it is very possible to feel yourself in a completely different time. Alaçatı, with its colorful houses, narrow streets and the smell of the sea, is as if dragging you into a fairy tale. The most famous thing of Alaçatı is mastic gum pudding. If you have the opportunity, we highly recommend you try it.

     However, since Alaçatı is approximately 86 kilometers away from the center, you can choose the bus services that are arranged from Izmir during the summer months, or you can rent the most suitable vehicle for you by taking advantage of our Izmir cheap car rental opportunities for a more comfortable transportation, and you can continue your tour comfortably in the direction you want.