How to Rent a Car in Antalya?

How to Rent a Car in Antalya?
Antalya, located in the Mediterranean Region, undoubtedly ranks first among the most popular tourism centers in Turkey. Antalya, which hosts millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year, is very popular in car rental services.

In this sense, Antalya Airport car rental is among the fleet rental locations in order to meet the needs of the passengers as soon as they get off the plane, in the fastest and easiest way.

What is Antalya Daily Car Rental?

When it comes to individual rentals, the first of the prominent services is Antalya daily car rental service. According to the needs of families, couples or groups of friends, there are many types of rental vehicles that can be rented daily in Antalya.

Moreover, the rental car deposit is not requested during the car rental processes of the passengers coming to Antalya from different countries, and there is no mileage limitation for the rented car. Well, let's take a look at what the drop fee means for domestic passengers.

What Does Drop Fee Mean?

A rental car deposit fee is required for short or long-term fleet rentals, whether individual or corporate. The vehicle guarantee amount, which is also frequently discussed as a drop fee, refers to the deposit amounts requested by Rent a Car companies at the point of ensuring the safety of the people who rent the vehicle during their travels.

In this sense, the drop fee received from the lessee is refunded without any deduction in case the rental period ends. However, certain deductions can be made by the companies in case of any damage to the rental car.

How Much Are Antalya Car Rental Prices?

Among the people or companies who want to rent a car in Antalya destination, the question of how much TL is to rent a car in Antalya comes first. It is not possible to answer this question clearly, nor is it correct. Such that, in determining car rental prices in Antalya, conditions such as vehicle model and rental period are very important. However, Antalya car rental prices average 200-300 TL.

Antalya Airport Car Rental

The reliable address of Antalya car rental, Moon Rent a Car provides Antalya Airport transfer service with its rich fleet network and specially trained drivers. In addition to this, Antalya airport also acts with the best price guarantee in terms of car rental service.
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