Corporate Car Rental

Corporate car rental service includes car rental services made within the body of various companies, companies or institutions. Rent your car for a long time with corporate car rental service; get many benefits!

Corporate Car Rental

Corporate car rental service differs from individual car rental service at many points. With corporate fleet leasing, rent your vehicle for a long time, which you will determine according to your needs and requirements; Take advantage of the advantages of corporate car rental.

Distinguish between corporate car rental and individual car rental:

  • Individual car rental includes daily, weekly and monthly rental car services. Corporate car rental, on the other hand, includes a service designed for companies with corporate identity that need long-term car rental.
  • Since individual car rental service includes short-term car rental service, rental car prices are fixed. Corporate car rental, on the contrary, indicates long-term car rental service, so rental cars can be more economical.
  • It is possible to benefit from various tax reductions thanks to corporate fleet leasing. This process may vary according to the structure of the company, the duration of the car rental and many similar criteria.

Long Term Car Rental

Unlike daily, weekly or monthly car rental packages, long-term car rental service refers to the service desired to be rented for a longer period. The points that corporate companies that want to rent a long-term fleet should pay attention to in this process can be listed as follows:

  • Issues such as the size of the company that wants to get corporate car rental service, how many rental cars it needs in this sense, and for what purpose the vehicles will be used should be determined.
  • Budget planning should be done in accordance with the requested service period for corporate car rental.
  • Since corporate car rental includes long-term car rental service, criteria such as companies' findeks grade should be clearly stated if requested.

Corporate Car Rental Service with Moon Rent a Car

In order to have long-term car rental service at the most affordable prices, rent your car immediately with Moon Rent a Car, the reliable address of car rental; Enjoy the various campaigns you will have with corporate car rental. In addition, you can pick up the vehicle you want to rent from the point you want, and leave it at the point you want, thanks to our different car rental offices.

If you are undecided about choosing the vehicle you want to rent according to your needs and requirements, please do not hesitate to leave us a message or call us. Our customer service will endeavor to find the ideal vehicle for your company.
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