Terms of Payment

During the car rental process to be made with Moon Rent a Car, the payment terms and what to do in case the rented vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident are explained below, along with frequently asked questions.

Terms of payment

What Should I Do When I Have an Accident?

In case of an accident, you should contact us from the phone numbers on the rental agreement. In the event that our guests collide with a stationary vehicle or if our vehicle is hit by third parties while our vehicle is parked, accident, theft and alcohol detection reports must be obtained by applying to the nearest police or gendarmerie station without changing the location of the vehicle.

If at least one of the following situations is present, the vehicle should never be moved and accident, theft and alcohol detection reports should be obtained by applying to the nearest police or gendarmerie station.

  • Driving a motor vehicle without a driver's license in the event of a collision
  • The driver does not meet the legal age requirement to be able to drive
  • Driver's mental health and suspicion
  • One of the vehicles involved in the accident belongs to public institutions
  • Damage to property belonging to public institutions
  • Damage to third party property
  • Lack of traffic insurance for one of the vehicles involved in the accident
  • Consequence of death or bodily injury

If none of the above-mentioned items have occurred in the event of a collision, our guests are required to keep a material damage accident report according to the way the accident occurred, and to submit all documents (license, traffic insurance, driver's license copy of the other party and photos of the crime scene) of both parties involved in the accident. It is necessary to keep an accident and alcohol report immediately after the accident and to inform us within 24 hours along with the relevant documents.

Under Which Conditions Is Insurance And Casco Valid?

Traffic and alcohol reports should be kept immediately after the accident. If the accident is bilateral, a copy of the other party's license, insurance policy and driver's license must be taken from the other party at the accident site and the same documents belonging to you must be given to the other party. We must be informed immediately after the accident.

In the event that the vehicle is driven under the influence of any alcoholic substance or above the speed limit and the person renting the vehicle is completely at fault, the person renting the vehicle is held responsible for all damages that may occur.

In case of not keeping a report, missing or invalid documents, the lessor cannot benefit from the insurance in any way and cannot claim to benefit.

In addition, in the following cases, the claim to benefit from the insurance will be deemed invalid and the damages will be excluded from the insurance coverage:

  • The use of the agent by a person other than the name and names specified on the rental agreement
  • Using the vehicle outside of normal conditions: Uses that will damage the engine, driving without considering the road conditions and with a flat or damaged tire, incorrect fuel filling, etc.
  • Driving the vehicle without obeying the traffic rules: Exceeding the speed limit, red light, etc. other violations, driving under the influence of alcohol or any substance
  • The load carried in the vehicle causing an accident
  • Careless use of the vehicle: Not using the vehicle according to precipitation and road conditions, not following the vehicle in front in accordance with the safety following distance, etc.
  • In case of an accident, damage or theft, not notifying the contact number given, leaving the vehicle from the accident site, etc. situations
  • Failure to receive a traffic and alcohol report even after a maximum of 48 hours have passed since the accident occurred.
  • If the vehicle is stolen, the original key is not delivered.
  • Continuing to use the vehicle and not delivering it without any approval even though the rental period has expired
  • Taking action without informing the relevant contact numbers in case of damage to tires, headlights or glasses

The financial compensation amount to be incurred from the damages inflicted to third parties in the accidents that occur is covered by the financial liability insurance. The amounts excluded from the guarantee are the responsibility of the lessor of the vehicle. Moon Rent A Car cannot be held responsible for the amounts other than the guarantee.

What should I do in case of a breakdown of the vehicle?

In case of a malfunction, you must reach us from the phone numbers on the rental agreement. Accordingly, since the rented vehicle is unusable due to damage, malfunction or any other reason, another vehicle in the same segment or in a higher segment is allocated free of charge within 24 hours.

Who Pays the Traffic Fine on the License Plate of the Vehicle I Rented?

The traffic fines written on the license plate of our rental vehicles are notified to us. Penalties notified to us by the Ministry of Finance are collected from the credit card submitted by our guest during the rental process.

Do Vehicles Have HGS?

All our vehicles in our fleet have HGS. At the end of your rental period, your HGS usage information reaches our offices and the toll fee is collected from your credit card or provision fee.

Is It Possible for Someone Else to Use My Rental Car?

The rental agreement is made with the person renting the vehicle. Depending on the contract, the information of the person renting the vehicle is included in all insurance and assurance conditions of the vehicle. In the event that a person whose information is not included in the rental agreement is the party of the accident with material or moral damage as a driver; All insurance and guarantees are void. Both the renter of the vehicle and the one involved in the accident are held responsible for the accident.

What is Additional Driver Service?

Additional driver service in rental vehicles; It ensures that an additional driver to the renter of the vehicle is also a party to the contract and takes part in insurance and guarantees. According to the class of the vehicle you rented, the second driver is excluded from the insurance coverage if a driver's license of 21 years and 2 years is not specified for Economy class vehicles, 24 years of age and 3 years for middle class vehicles, 26 years of age and 4 years for premium vehicles. Accordingly, insurance and motor insurance will not be activated in case of damage.
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