Long Term Car Rental

Long-term car rental service is the name given to the service that covers vehicles that are rented for a minimum of one year. Rent your vehicle immediately with long-term fleet rental, also known as corporate car rental service; Become the owner of long-term car rental advantages!

Long Term Car Rental

Long-term car rental service is a popular car rental service preferred by companies with various corporate structures. It can also be considered as a kind of corporate car rental. Accordingly, companies that need long-term vehicles may seek corporate fleet rental services. Here, with corporate car rental, rent your vehicle, which you will determine according to your needs and requirements, for a long time and benefit from the advantages of corporate car rental.

Distinguish between long-term car rental and individual car rental:

  • While individual car rental service is provided within certain periods such as daily, weekly and monthly, long-term car rental service refers to fleet rental service for a minimum of one year.
  • As the name suggests, long-term car rental is a fleet service that covers a minimum of twelve months. Accordingly, it is more economical than individual car rental in terms of price policy.
  • Many advantages are offered within the scope of corporate services provided by long-term car rentals, such as the structure of the companies, the number of rental cars, and the duration of the rental car.

Corporate Car Rental

Did you know that the vehicles you will rent for a long time with the corporate car rental service offer many advantages to your company? So much so that companies that want to rent a corporate fleet can have the following privileges:

  • Priority service support can be provided in matters such as vehicle maintenance and repair.
  • During the rental period, you can be exempt from tax, insurance and inspection.
  • There are no additional charges other than the car rental fee.

Long Term Car Rental Service with Moon Rent a Car

In order to have long-term car rental service at the most affordable prices, rent your car immediately with Moon Rent a Car, the reliable address of car rental; Enjoy the privileges offered by the long-term car rental service. In the meantime, pick up the car you want to rent from the address you want, thanks to our different car rental offices, and leave it at the address you want.

If you are undecided about choosing the vehicle you want to rent, please do not hesitate to leave us a message or call us. Our customer service will endeavor to find the ideal vehicle for your company, taking into account your company's needs and requirements.
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