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Best price guarantee

We use big data technology to provide you with the best prices.

Award-winning guest services
Dozens of brands

We offer a wide variety of fleets so that you can easily find the most suitable vehicle for your needs.

Award-winning guest services
Award-winning guest services

We provide 100% guaranteed service with free cancellation and change.


Long Term Car Rental

How is long-term car rental done? What are the advantages of corporate long-term car rental? Izmir car rental companies and prices

How to Rent a Car?

How to rent a car? What are the car rental terms? Experience the safe and most convenient car rental service with Moon Rent a Car.

Setting out to bring a different understanding in the car rental sector in 2016, Moon Rent a Car aims to meet all the car rental needs of individual and corporate customers under the same roof.

With the rise of the car rental trend, various car rental services were needed in the sector. Our greatest desire is to be able to respond to these needs with the fastest, most convenient and practical solutions! This great desire came to life, combined with the power of our technology and the motivation of our team. While we offer all our guests the vehicles they want with the best price guarantee, we do our best to take firm steps towards becoming a unique platform in the car rental industry.

The most important feature that distinguishes Moon Rent a Car from its competitors is that it has completed all its corporate processes and has flexible, simple and fast processes that will ensure customer satisfaction in minimum bureaucratic procedures. In this way, it provides its customers with a rental comfort and service beyond their expectations.

Individual Car Rental

Rent your car immediately with individual car rental service for daily, weekly or monthly periods. Individual car rental service is at your service on public holidays, holidays, summer holidays or for any other need.

Long Term Car Rental

Long-term car rental service is the name given to the service that covers vehicles that are rented for a minimum of one year. Rent your vehicle immediately with long-term fleet rental, also known as corporate car rental service; Become the owner of long-term car rental advantages.

Corporate Car Rental

Corporate car rental service includes car rental services made within the body of various companies, companies or institutions. Rent your car for a long time with corporate car rental service; have many advantages.

Airport Transfer

The process of taking the passengers from the airport to the address they want, when they are taken from the airport, and being picked up from the address they are taken back to the airport, is called the airport transfer service. After the passengers picked up from the airport are delivered to the addresses they want, they are taken back to the airport on the date and time determined by the passenger. This is also called a two-way airport transfer service.