Economy Class Cars

In the car rental process, car models are divided into certain classes so that everyone can determine the vehicle they need and can easily make the rental process accordingly. Therefore, one of the most popular fleet classifications among these vehicle classes is the models under the economy class vehicles.

What is an Economy Class Vehicle?

Companies that provide Rent a Car service classify rental cars by considering certain features. These can cover a wide classification from A-segment vehicles to M-segment vehicles.

In addition, there are SUV segment vehicles, which we call 4X2 or 4x4, as well as vehicles classified under the Minivan segment.

One of the most popular classes in fleet rental service, economy class vehicle models are very popular. It is frequently preferred in individual car rental and corporate car rental service processes due to its economic nature.

What are Economy Class Diesel Vehicles?

Economy class diesel vehicles can be listed as follows:
• Fiat Egea Diesel Manual
• Citroen Elysee Diesel Manual
• Renault Symbol Diesel Manual
• Renault Clio HB Diesel Manual
• Peugeot 301 Diesel Manual

What are Economy Class Gasoline Vehicles?

Economy class gasoline vehicles can be listed as follows:
• Fiat Fiorino Petrol Manual
• Citroen Elysee Petrol Manual
• Renault Symbol Petrol Manual
• Fiat Egea Gasoline Manual
• Fiat Egea HB 1.4 Fire
• Renault Clio Sport Tourer

What are the Economic Rental Car Features?

Economy class vehicle represents rental vehicles that are economical, as can be easily understood from its name, in terms of the features it carries. Although the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to economy class rental cars is that it can only be used in the city or includes a small model as a safe, this situation is not as expected.

As a matter of fact, economic rental vehicles include vehicles that can have sedan or hatchback body types, have automatic or manual gear type options, and are offered with diesel or gasoline fuel type.

Economy class car models are preferred more than other vehicle classes. Vehicle models in this class, which are extremely economical in terms of fuel consumption, also have the necessary equipment for a safe and enjoyable journey.

Economy Class Car Rental

With Moon Rent a Car, which is among the Izmir car rental companies and the reliable address of fleet rental, take a look at our list of rental cars to rent the best vehicle in your ideal with the best price guarantee.

Moreover, you can pick up the vehicle you want to rent by choosing the closest one to you from the addresses in our car rental offices list. When the rental period is over, you can easily deliver your vehicle to one of these locations.

What Are Other Rental Vehicles Similar to Economic Rental Vehicles?

Other rental vehicles similar to economic rental vehicles can be listed as follows:
• Medium Class Vehicles
• Top Class Vehicles
• Minivan
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