Rental Cars

The reliable address of car rental, Moon Rent a Car provides car rental service with the best price guarantee. Thanks to the wide variety of fleets, you can visit our rental cars page to find the most suitable vehicle for your needs and requirements.

Moon Rent a Car, which is among the most reliable car rental companies that set out with the understanding of service to be a solution to everyone's needs, offers five different vehicle classes. In this way, the car rental process has both gained speed and become extremely easy.

Economy Class Rental Cars

Economy class vehicles are very popular among fleet classifications. In fact, it is frequently preferred in both individual and corporate car rental processes due to its economic nature. It is ideal for daily rentals.

Mid-Range Rental Cars

Middle class vehicles indicate a higher class of economy class rental cars in terms of features and pricing of rental cars. It can easily be said that it is the second most popular vehicle class in fleet rental service. Middle class rental vehicles can also be explained as rental vehicles between economy class vehicles and upper class vehicles.

Top Class Rental Cars

In terms of the features they carry, top class vehicles represent the vehicle class after economy class vehicles and middle class vehicles. It can be said that upper class rental car models consist of upper segment vehicles. In this sense, there are high-end rental cars in the top-class vehicle fleet.

Rental Minivan

Rental minivan vehicles differ from other vehicle classes in terms of their physical features. It is among the ideal rental vehicles, especially for crowded groups of friends or families. Accordingly, it can be preferred for individual car rentals. On the other hand, according to the needs of various companies and companies, it is among the frequently preferred rental vehicles for long-term rentals.

Rental SUV

Rental SUV undoubtedly represents the most powerful cars among the vehicle classes. It offers a very large and comfortable space, like minivan-style vehicles. When SUV rental vehicles are considered in terms of engine power, it can be said that there are two types of traction methods, 4x2 and 4x4.
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