About Us

Moon Rent a Car aims to meet all the car rental needs of individual and corporate customers under the same roof.

about us

Setting out to bring a different understanding in the car rental sector in 2016, Moon Rent a Car aims to meet all the car rental needs of individual and corporate customers under the same roof.

The most important feature that distinguishes Moon Rent a Car from its competitors is that it has completed all its corporate processes and has flexible, simple and fast processes that will ensure customer satisfaction in minimum bureaucratic procedures. In this way, it provides its customers with a rental comfort and service beyond their expectations.

Our Mission

Institutions and individuals; to provide vehicle solutions that provide uninterrupted freedom of movement and convenience, and increase the quality of work and life. To be among the most customer-oriented car rental companies in Turkey, with a company profile that respects the environment, social and ethical values, and has a sense of social responsibility.

our vision

To be the leading company that provides high quality and innovative services to its customers with its employees and suppliers, always stands by its customers and directs the sector.

Our Quality and Customer Complaints Policy: To always keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, to provide services that will meet the needs of our customers at a level in accordance with customer expectations, to continuously increase customer satisfaction by receiving customer feedback without prejudice.

Increasing Our Success with Happy Employees: To achieve success with happy employees with high efficiency and commitment, where appropriate development, recognition, appreciation and rewarding opportunities are offered.

Continuously Increasing the Service Quality of Our Suppliers: To bring our service quality to the highest level by establishing long-term cooperation with our suppliers.

Ensuring Quality Standardization in Compliance with Laws and Legislation: To continuously improve our management system by adhering to laws and regulations


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