Middle Class Cars

In order to meet the needs and requirements of everyone in car rental services, car models are divided into certain classes. Car models, which are divided into certain groups in terms of both vehicle features and car rental prices, make the rental process much easier. Therefore, one of the rental car segments among these is the models that fall under the middle class vehicles.

What is a Mid-Class Car?

Mid-range vehicles are rental vehicles that are above a segment of economy-class rental vehicles in terms of the features and pricing of the automobile. So much so that it can be said that one of the most popular classes in fleet rental service is the middle class vehicle models. As a matter of fact, they are vehicle segments in demand by both individuals and companies in individual car rental and corporate car rental services.

What are Mid-Class Diesel Car?

Middle class diesel vehicles can be listed as follows:
• Renault Megane Diesel Automatic

What are Middle Class Gasoline Car?

Middle class gasoline vehicles can be listed as follows:
• Renault Clio HB Petrol Automatic
• Hyundai Elantra 1.6 Gasoline Automatic

What are the Features of a Medium Class Rental Car?

Mid-range rental vehicles represent rental vehicles positioned between economy-class vehicles and high-end vehicles. A middle class vehicle can also have the features of economic and upper class vehicles in terms of the features it carries. Medium class vehicles, which offer ease of use both in urban and out-of-town journeys, indicate the most rented vehicles after economy class vehicles.

When the middle class rental car features are examined, it has a variety of sedan or hatchback body types. It can be said that these cars, which have both automatic and manual gear type options, have two fuel types, diesel and gasoline.

Mid-range car models are the most demanded rental vehicles after economy class cars. In terms of fuel consumption, it can be said that they are more economical than high-class vehicles.

Mid-Range Car Rental

With Moon Rent a Car, which acts with the best price guarantee in car rental, it is possible to get a fleet rental service according to everyone's ideals. Car rental services are offered in many parts of Turkey, especially in Izmir car rental service. To rent a mid-range car, you can review our rental cars page and rent a vehicle that can best meet your needs.

In addition, you can pick up your car from the address you want with car rental locations and deliver it to the address you want. In addition, for airport car rental service from Istanbul to Ankara; You can easily pick up your vehicle by using many airport points from Trabzon to Kayseri.

What Are Other Rental Vehicles Similar to Mid-Class Rental Cars?

Other rental vehicles such as mid-range rental cars can be listed as follows:
• Economy Class Vehicles
• Top Class Vehicles
• Minivan
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