Rental Period

During the car rental process to be made with Moon Rent a Car, the most curious questions and the situations related to the car rental period are tried to be explained below.

Rental Period

How Can I Create a Car Rental Reservation?

After completing the selections in the reservation section of, you can make your car reservation in any currency you want by credit card, virtual pos or money order.

How can I make changes to my reservation?

Our guests who want to make changes in their reservation, such as changing a vehicle or additional service, can contact our call center at 0850 532 11 93 or directly to the relevant office. There is no additional charge for changing the reservation.

What is the Reservation Cancellation Procedure?

Refunds are made without any deduction for refund requests, except for the last 24 hours before the reservation time. In the case of a cancellation request that you have notified in less than 24 hours, a 1-day fee will be deducted and the remaining amount will be refunded. You can contact us at 0850 532 11 93 for all your questions about the cancellation request.

Age Limit and Provision/Guarantee Fees

Age limit for car rental. Age 21 for economy class vehicles, 2 years driver's license 1000 TL guarantee, for middle class vehicles 24 years old 3 years driver's license 1500 TL collateral fee, for high class vehicles 26 years old 4 years driver's license 2500 TL guarantee for premium vehicles 27 years 5 An annual license fee of 4000 TL is required.

Do I Have to Pay a Deposit for the Vehicle I Rented? In How Many Days Is The Provision Fee Refunded?

Provision (Deposit) is not requested from our international guests with valid passport and flight information. However, credit cards and Provisions are requested from domestic customers who will rent a car for the first time.

Provision, after the end of the lease; If any, toll highway bridge crossings, missing fuel, exceeding the km limit, damage costs are calculated and the remaining amount is refunded. If these are not the case, the full refund is sent to the bank to which the customer's credit card is linked. The provision is reflected on your credit card within 1 to 10 business days, depending on the interbank transaction times and taking into account the official holidays.

One Way (Drop) Fee Between Offices: Can I Deliver the Rental Car in a Different City?

A one-way fee is required in order to leave the car you have rented from the office where you bought it to a different office. The relevant amount is charged as a one-way fee at the reservation stage.

I don't have a credit card, can I rent a car?

As per our security rules, driver information and payment card information must match for car rental services made through all our reservation channels. Cash, Debit card, Virtual card, Supplementary card, Promissory note etc., except credit card. Payment methods are not accepted.

What Should I Consider While Making a Car Rental Agreement?

During car rental, you must have the original and photocopy of your driver's license, ID and passport with you. And the driver must have a credit card with a limit at least equal to the Provision fee. In addition, your residence address and telephone information will be recorded in your contract.

What Should I Pay Attention to While Receiving and Returning the Rented Vehicle?

Before signing the vehicle delivery report, check the vehicle's mileage and fuel, and if there is a defect, identify it with the authorized personnel and make sure that it is recorded correctly in the report. You can also get information about the vehicle's safety equipment and accessories from our authorized personnel.

In case of delay in returning the vehicle, it is important to inform the return office. Otherwise, when the vehicle delivery time exceeds 2 hours, a 1-day rental fee will be charged. If the vehicle is returned early, the number of unused days is not refunded. Planning is made according to the rental start and end dates specified in the rental contract.
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