What is Individual Car Rental?

What is Individual Car Rental?
Individual car rental, which is a part of the car rental service, has become an important need in today's conditions. It can be said that the vehicles rented by individual customers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis are included in the individual car rental class.

You can get Rent a Car service by using the car rental points you want with individual car rental, which is among the popular car rental options.

Points to Consider When Renting an Individual Car

The point to be considered in the daily car rental process is that it is important to read and assimilate the car rental contract before signing it. For example, some car rental companies offer a minimum 3-day rental requirement. Although this condition is not verbally stated at first, it is definitely written on the car rental contract. If this is not taken care of, even if you need to rent a car for 1 day, you may have to pay a 3-day car rental fee.

Daily Individual Car Rental

Daily individual car rental is a basic car rental service covering one day. The vehicle is delivered at the same time the next day from the time the vehicle is rented. Car rental conditions may vary according to Rent a Car companies. For example, some companies may set a km limit. Another key point in the individual car rental process is the fuel situation. For example, if the vehicle was received with a quarter tank, it should be delivered with a quarter tank in the same way.

Monthly Individual Car Rental

Individually, monthly car rental service is more advantageous than other daily car rental services. First of all, there is a serious price difference between daily car rental and monthly car rental. While the standard daily rate is paid for the vehicle in daily rentals, the daily standard fees of the vehicles may vary in monthly rentals.

Generally speaking, car rental conditions are the same for all car rental services. These rules are generally criteria such as driver's license duration, age limit, deposit paid for rental car. However, as mentioned above, there may be obvious changes in pricing. It is also possible to benefit from certain campaigns while renting a monthly car.

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