Long Term Car Rental

Long Term Car Rental
Long-term car rental is the name of the car rental process, which is considered for a longer period, with a minimum of one year. Long-term fleet rental is a car rental service preferred by corporate companies.

Advantages of Long Term Car Rental

The advantages of long-term car rental are many. These can be listed as follows:

  • Getting corporate car rental service is more economical than other types.
  • Basic requirements such as vehicle maintenance and repair are easily met.
  • During the car rental period, issues such as tax, insurance and inspection are not a cause for concern. In this sense, a large amount of time is saved with the long-term car rental service.
  • Roadside assistance, tires etc. 24/7 support can be requested during the rental period.
  • According to your needs and requirements, there are many other opportunities that you can take advantage of by the company you rent a car.
  • You can show your car rental costs as expense tax.
  • You will not encounter any additional fees other than the car rental fee.

Long Term Car Rental Prices

It is not possible to talk about a certain price policy with a long-term car rental service. Long-term rental prices vary greatly depending on the duration, the company you work for, and the car model. For example, vehicles with a low model value or a high mileage value may be more economical, while new model vehicles may be more costly.

To request long-term car rental price calculations or to take advantage of long-term car rental campaign options, you can visit our website or contact us by using our contact information.

Corporate Long Term Car Rental

Getting corporate long-term car rental service is more economical than short-term. If you are looking for car rental companies, remember that we will be with you 24/7 in this process. You can contact us for all your inquiries and questions.

Moon Rent a Car, one of the leading names in Izmir Fleet Leasing sector, offers the cheapest car rental service according to your needs and requirements. With Moon Rent a Car, the economical and reliable address of car rental, the car you want is at your door!
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