How to do Daily Car Rental?

How to do Daily Car Rental?
It is important to determine the car rental periods in order to meet the car rental needs of individual and corporate customers in the best and fastest way. In this sense, we will try to answer the questions in this content, where we will talk about what daily car rental service is.

How to Rent a Daily Car?

Daily car rentals that stand out in term fleet rentals are car rentals made for 24 hours. Daily car rental, which is mostly preferred by individual customers, refers to minimum one-day car rentals.

On the other hand, hourly car rental requested in emergency or extraordinary conditions is also considered under this service. The time of the received vehicle is important for daily fleet rentals. For example, if we think that a car will be rented for a day and if we assume that the car is rented at 10 am, it is expected that the car will be delivered at 10 am the next day.

1 Day Car Rental?

People who want to rent a car daily are wondering if a car can be rented for a day. In fact, considering the minimum rental conditions of some Rent a Car companies for two or three days, it is quite right for customers to ask such a question.

As a matter of fact, a 1-day car is rented because the daily car rental service is already available for daily rentals. However, it is important to find companies that act with this kind of service understanding. If you want to rent a car for a minimum of one day, you can contact Moon Rent a Car immediately during this process.

How Much Are the Daily Rental Car Prices?

People who are looking for a daily or hourly rental car are also curious about car rental prices. In this regard, daily car rentals vary according to the class of the vehicle.

At the same time, while determining the daily car rental prices, the vehicle model and the location where the vehicle will be taken and left are two important criteria. For example, while the daily rent of economy class cars is 250-300 TL, the prices of middle or upper class rental cars can be between 500-2000 TL.

On the other hand, hourly car rental prices are also calculated on a daily basis. For example, even if a car is rented for 1 hour, the fee is calculated as if it was a daily rental.
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