Is Renting a Car Advantageous? Benefits of Fleet Leasing to the Company

Is Renting a Car Advantageous? Benefits of Fleet Leasing to the Company
Considering the new vehicle prices and new vehicle purchase conditions, it is undoubtedly more advantageous to get a car rental service. So much so that both the tax advantages and the opportunities offered are some of the best answers to the question of whether it is advantageous to rent a car.

Is Renting a Car Advantageous?

It can be said that renting a car, regardless of individual or corporate distinction, is much more advantageous than buying a new car. So much so that many people or institutions wonder about the advantages of renting a car when it comes to basic topics such as the presence of a rich vehicle fleet, fuel consumption, VAT, and motor vehicle tax.

Various opportunities, especially with long-term car rental service, paved the way for the Rent a Car service to be preferred more frequently. In this sense, the corporate car rental process, which has become popular with companies, has become advantageous.

What are the Benefits of Fleet Leasing to the Company?

The benefits of fleet leasing to the company can be listed as follows:

  • One of the biggest benefits of renting a car to the company is the exemption from basic expenses. For example; vehicle insurance, vehicle inspection, tax etc. Such needs are followed by rent a car companies.
  • Another advantage is the availability of vehicle models and features that can meet every need, thanks to the rich diversity of the fleet.
  • Having the privilege of obtaining a safe driving experience at the point of providing automobile insurance is the biggest advantage of leasing a fleet for the company.
  • The fact that issues such as vehicle maintenance are covered by car rental companies provides significant time and financial savings when viewed annually.
  • The fact that various opportunities are offered in long-term rentals is also in favor of the companies in the car rental process.

Tax Advantages in Car Rental

One of the most curious things of people who want to rent a car daily is the VAT rate and motor vehicle tax that we encounter in the car rental processes. Accordingly, we would like to point out that VAT rate reduction is possible in fleet leasing. However, this is not the case when a new vehicle is purchased.

Motor vehicle tax is paid and followed by fleet leasing companies. Therefore, the issue of car rental tax is no longer a problem, and this situation takes its place among the advantages provided to companies.
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