Izmir Travel Guide: Discover Izmir

Izmir Travel Guide: Discover Izmir
Located in the Aegean Region and even called the pearl of the Aegean, İzmir is very rich in terms of both its historical background and cultural structure. What are the places to visit in Izmir, which is also mentioned among the important tourism centers? Here, we have compiled important travel points for you as a Izmir travel guide.

Izmir Travel Guide

İzmir is accepted as the third most populous city of Turkey in terms of population. The region, which stands out with its deep historical past and cultural structure, is among the important travel destinations.

When it comes to places to see in Izmir, it is important to plan a trip. Because there are different sightseeing points both in the city center and in various districts of Izmir.

What are the must-see places in Izmir?

The list of places to see in Izmir, which we can definitely recommend you to go and see during your Izmir trip, can be listed as follows:

  • Izmir Clock Tower
  • Historical elevator
  • Cord
  • Kemeraltı Bazaar
  • Sasalı Wildlife Park
  • Agora Ancient City
  • Kadifekale
  • Konak Square
  • Kilaragasi Inn
  • Atatürk Museum
  • Polycarp Church
  • Izmir Archeology Museum
  • Cyprus Martyrs Street
  • Alsancak Way of Love
  • Fair Culture Park
  • Cable car
  • Radio and Democracy Museum
  • Passport Ferry Terminal
  • St. Vukolos Church

The sightseeing spots above are popular destinations located in Izmir city centre. Apart from this, there are also places to visit around Izmir.

What are the places to visit around İzmir?

There are many travel destinations in the district centers as well as the places to visit in the center of Izmir. Mostly ancient cities, museums and beaches are dazzling:

  • Ephesus Ancient City
  • KEY Museum
  • Fountain
  • Alaçatı
  • Sirince
  • sewn
  • Old Foca
  • Seferihisar
  • Urla
  • Karaburun
  • Çiçekköy
  • Odemis
  • Hyphen
  • Pergamon
  • Flourishing
  • Bozdag Ski Center

As you can see, İzmir is a very crowded city in terms of important points. By renting your car in Izmir, which is a famous tourism center, you can have a perfect sightseeing tour with your spouse, friends or family.

Finally, we recommend you to experience the local flavors of Izmir, which has many places to visit and see in the district towns as well as the city center.
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