What are Bursa Car Rental Services?

What are Bursa Car Rental Services?
Bursa, the fourth most populous city in Turkey, draws attention with its historical richness. In this sense, Bursa car rental, which is the center of attention of domestic and foreign tourists every year, has become a great need.

Where to Buy a Daily Car Rental in Bursa?

Daily car rentals can be made easily at Bursa Yenişehir Airport, which was put into service in 2000. Moon Rent a Car, which is one of the Bursa fleet rental companies, provides weekly and monthly rentals as well as daily car rental services in Bursa in order to make car rentals very practical in Bursa, where it is among the fleet rental locations.

How Much Are Bursa Car Rental Prices?

Individual and corporate customers who need a car in the Bursa region can get short or long-term car rental services. However, people or institutions that are in search of this service may wonder how much Bursa car rental prices are.

In this context, Bursa luxury car rental prices vary between 700-1500 TL. These are the average prices covering the upper class and SUV vehicle models. On the other hand, prices for cheap car rental in Bursa start from 300 TL on average.

What are the Rent a Car Companies that Provide Hourly Car Rental Service in Bursa?

People who come to Bursa for holidays, business trips and similar situations may also want to apply for Bursa bus station car rental service in line with their needs, in addition to the airport. At the same time, people who urgently need a car for a few hours may want to rent an hourly car in Bursa.

As a matter of fact, hourly car rental in Bursa is within the scope of daily car rental service. Payment is made based on the daily price of the rented vehicle. For example; The vehicle, which is received at 12 noon, is expected to be delivered to the relevant branch at 12 noon the next day. Accordingly, in hourly car rentals, even if the vehicle purchased at 12 pm is delivered at 6 pm, an invoice is issued over the daily rental price of the vehicle.

How to make Bursa Yenişehir Airport Transfer?

The process of leaving the passengers arriving at Bursa Yenişehir Airport at the address they have determined is the airport transfer service. Airport transfer fees in Bursa may vary depending on the model of the vehicle, the number of people and the location. Airport transfers are extremely advantageous for large groups.
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