What is a Car Rental Deposit?

What is a Car Rental Deposit?
In order to carry out the car rental service, the prepayment required by the fleet rental companies is referred to as the car rental deposit. Car rental deposits may vary according to vehicle models.

What is the Car Rental Coverage Amount?

The car rental deposit is the amount of guarantee taken by the person or corporate companies that rents the car to make a safe journey. The other name of this understanding is also known as the car rental guarantee amount.

Rental car deposit is not requested from foreign guests for car rentals. So much so that if you have a valid passport and flight information, there is no guarantee amount for the vehicles you will rent.

When is the Car Rental Deposit Refunded?

The car rental deposit is returned to the credit cards from which the payment was received, between 1-10 working days on average. Rent a Car companies are not responsible for the interbank transaction time and official holidays for the return of the rental car guarantee amount.

The amount of deposit paid for car rental is fully refunded. However, interruptions may occur in the following situations.
• Toll highway bridge crossings
• Missing fuel
• Exceeding the mileage limit
• Damage costs

How Much is the Car Rental Deposit?

Car rental deposit amount may vary according to vehicle models. As a matter of fact, the guarantee amounts requested for economy class vehicles indicate the lowest car rental deposit amounts. The deposit amount is 1000₺ for economy class rental cars.

In addition to this, the deposit amount of the middle class rental vehicles is 2000₺; It can be said that it is 2500₺ for top class rental vehicles. These vehicle deposit amounts can of course vary.

No Deposit Car Rental

No deposit car rental is a reliable car rental service concept. Considering the fact that the rental car deposit fee is requested for a reliable journey, Rent a Car companies that rent a car without a deposit should be avoided.

In other words, the prepayments received in car rentals are repaid to the lessee without any deduction after the rental car is delivered. In this process, as we mentioned at the beginning, the purpose of the guarantee amount received in car rental is to provide a reliable and trouble-free travel experience for the people who rent the vehicle.
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