What is Car Rental License Period?

What is Car Rental License Period?
It is known that fleet rental companies offer a license period condition in order to perform car rental services. However, the condition of car rental license period indicates different periods by Rent a Car companies.

In our content titled car rental conditions, which we have discussed in the past weeks, we have mentioned some of the conditions offered by both legal and car rental companies when renting a car. So much so that the duration of the license for renting a car is one of the most important criteria among the conditions of car rental.

How many years of license is required to rent a car?

This subject is very curious by people who want to rent a car. One of the most important questions that people who have new licenses are looking for to rent a car is when can those who get a new license can rent a car. It is among the observations that most of the car rental companies set their license periods as at least two years.

Of course, although this statement does not apply to every Rent a Car, it is important to have at least a one-year Class B license to rent a car. Accordingly, it is impossible to give a clear answer to the question of whether a driver's license is required for two years to rent a car.

Can a car be rented at the age of 18? Is There a Car Rental Age Limit?

Renting a car at the age of 18 is not possible in today's conditions. Even if you have a class B driver's license at the age of 18, you must be at least 21 years old. Accordingly, if you meet the age limit of 21 to rent a car, you have the right to rent a car.

On the other hand, this situation may vary according to vehicle classes. For example; While the age limit of 21 is offered for economy class vehicles, the age limit of 25 may be offered for upper class vehicles.

Car Rental Without Driving License Period

Considering the car rental law, it can be easily determined that the car rental license period is at least 2 years. Therefore, there are no car rental companies that do not require a driver's license. Even if such companies do exist, it constitutes a criminal offense from a legal point of view.

At this point, we have also answered the question of whether someone with a new driver's license can rent a car. It does not seem possible for people under the age of 21 to benefit from car rental services.
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