What is required to rent a car?

What is required to rent a car?
Renting a car is a Rent a Car service that both individuals and institutions need. Renting a car includes a process that includes different procedures according to various car rental companies.

People who want to rent a car wonder about the conditions required to rent a car. In this week's content, we will try to find an answer to the question of what are the necessary documents when renting a car.

Car Rental Terms: What is Required to Rent a Car?

Car rental has certain criteria, both legally and in terms of car rental companies. Car rental companies offer different conditions according to their working principles. However, the legal conditions of car rental cover the articles in the legal legislation without any change.

What are the Legal Conditions of Car Rental?

Car rental legal requirements are not very extensive. So much so that, according to the legislation, it is obligatory to be at least 18 years old and to have a B license in order to rent a car. This legal obligation only applies to car rental.

What are the Rent a Car Rental Conditions?

In addition to the legal conditions for renting a car, it would be appropriate to talk about the conditions of car rental companies. First of all, the service offered by each company may vary according to their own working processes. For example; Firm A may require at least two years of driving license for rental cars, while Firm B may require at least five years of driving license.

In addition to these, if we make a general assessment of the car rental conditions, the following items should be considered:

Having a driver's license with a B license (Therefore, being over 18 years old)
The original and photocopy of the identity card of the person who will rent the vehicle
Credit card of the person who will rent the vehicle
Residence document of the person who will rent the vehicle
Examples of various invoices such as electricity, water or natural gas belonging to the person who will rent the vehicle
Are Car Rental Terms Applicable to Car Rental Sites?
Considering the above items, car rental conditions are simple, but point to easily obtainable documents. In this process, the following question may come to the mind of people who want to rent a car: Are car rental conditions valid for car rental sites?

Car rental conditions also apply to car rental sites. Although these conditions may seem undesirable at first, Rent a Car company will request you to provide the relevant documents when you go to buy your vehicle.
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