What is SUV?

What is SUV?
SUV vehicles; They are rental car models located in a different place from economic, middle and upper class vehicles. SUV type models are vehicles with very strong traction. There are two types as 4x2 and 4x4.

It is possible to benefit from the advantages of online rental for rental SUV vehicles. In this way, car rentals can become more economical. At the same time, the fact that foreign passport customers do not pay any guarantee amount in case of renting an SUV type vehicle indicates that the rental process is cheaper.

What does SUV mean, what does it mean?

SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle. The Turkish abbreviation of SUV can be summarized as Sporty Multi-Purpose Vehicle. Such vehicles can be among the top class rental vehicles. So much so that it has superior technological equipment and physical features.

One of the SUV-like rental vehicles is minivan vehicles. Minivans can accommodate up to 7 people and are known for their larger luggage capacity. SUV-style vehicle models, on the other hand, draw attention with their very powerful engine volume.

What Are SUV Cars?

SUV vehicles can be divided into two as automatic or manual transmission type. It also has diesel and gasoline fuel type options. Among the SUV vehicles, Dacia Duster Diesel Automatic, Peugeot 3008 and Peugeot 5008 models can be shown.

The high traction power of SUV vehicles makes them strong in harsh weather conditions. In addition, their load carrying capacity is quite high. Despite this, they provide an extremely powerful and practical experience both in the city and out of the city.

Izmir SUV Rental

There are two important criteria among the desired car rental conditions for Izmir SUV rental. The first of these is the age limit of 21 and the second is to have a 1-year Class B driver's license. If you meet these conditions, choose the model that suits your ideal from the rental SUV list and complete your rental process immediately.

Then, take delivery of your vehicle from any point thanks to the fleet rental offices. Leave your vehicle, whose rental period has expired, either at the point where you received it or at a different location.

In the meantime, minivan models can be an alternative to your car rentals among other SUV-like rental vehicles in Izmir.
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