Rental Agreement



This lease agreement has been concluded between the lessor and the lessee, whose personal information and signature is in the lease, and the additional driver, if any. In this rental agreement, the real or legal person who is the lessor of Moon Rent a Car and the subject of the agreement will be referred to as the lessee.


The subject of this agreement is the rental conditions of the vehicle rented to be used by the lessee with the rental agreement, the conditions regarding the additional driver, the insurance and compensation conditions, the way of using the vehicle and the form and conditions of the payment of the rent and other fees determined in return by the lessee, and the mutual rights and obligations of the parties to this agreement. is to be determined.


For the vehicle subject to this contract to be used by someone other than the tenant; The valid identity and driver's license information of the additional driver must be written in the contract at the beginning of the rental, the daily additional driver fees must be paid and the signature of the additional driver must be present in this contract. The lessee cannot make anyone use the vehicle, whose name is not written and whose signature is not in the contract, and cannot establish a loan or sub-lease relationship. If these rules are not followed, the tenant and the person who uses the vehicle subject to the contract illegally are jointly and severally liable for all damages. The person duly registered as an additional driver is jointly and severally liable with the lessee for the obligations contained in this contract and its annexes, as well as for damages incurred while using the vehicle subject to the contract. With the signing of this contract, the tenant and the additional driver declare and undertake that they expressly accept this situation.


4.1. The vehicle has been leased to the lessee during the rental period; The lessee will use the vehicle in accordance with the vehicle exit-return delivery form, the pre-printed protocol and the points specified in this contract, that he will take care of the vehicle at the level expected from the vehicle owner, fully fulfill his duty of protection and care, use the vehicle safely and error-free, and from the moment he rents the vehicle until the moment of delivery. expressly accepts, declares and undertakes to comply with all legal regulations. The lessee is personally responsible for the damages, costs, penalties and ancillary of these that may arise due to the vehicle not being used in accordance with the specified issues and legal regulations, careless and misuse or user error.

4.2. The lessee has seen and examined the vehicle in detail at the time of delivery of the vehicle to him by the lessor. By signing this contract, the tenant declares and accepts that the vehicle has been delivered to him as stated in the vehicle exit-return delivery form, and that there is no damage or accidental traces on the vehicle.

4.3. Tenant; accepts that he will return the vehicle subject to the contract to the place where he bought it, on the day and time written in the contract. If the vehicle is not delivered to the place where it was taken, the lessor will pay the driver, petrol and tow truck, etc. to take the vehicle back. Extra costs will be borne by the tenant. With all these; If the vehicle is not delivered to the lessor on the day and time specified in the contract, the rental fee will continue to be processed for each passing day. In case of delays of one hour, one day's rental fee will be applied to the tenant.

4.5. Rental is at least 1 day. For shorter rentals or if the vehicle is returned late in hours, the daily price is applied. The weekly rental period is 7 days; monthly rental period of 30 days; The annual rental period is calculated as 365 days and accepted by the parties. A daily mileage limit applies to the rented vehicle. For daily rentals, a daily limit of 300 kilometers is applied. A monthly mileage limit of 4,000 km is applied for monthly rentals. 30,000 km annual mileage limit is applied for annual leases. In all rentals, regardless of the duration, 1.19-TL + VAT is applied per km in excess of mileage. The Tenant accepts, declares and undertakes that he will comply with the terms in the contract regarding the mileage limitations, and that he will pay the relevant price in case of excess.

4.6. At the beginning of the rental, a provision will be taken from the tenant's credit card in amounts varying according to the vehicle group, as a guarantee for future damages (traffic fine, insurance exemption fee, OGS - HGS fees, illegal toll, possible damages to the vehicle, etc.). In the event that the specified situations do not occur, and no damage occurs; The lessor will refund the provision fee received when 30 days have passed from the delivery of the vehicle to him. Tenant, all kinds of damage, loss, penalty, bridge crossing, etc. It accepts and undertakes that the fees will be collected from the provision fee, and that it will make an additional payment for the amounts exceeding the provision fee.

4.7. In the event of damage and/or malfunction in the rented vehicle, the lessee is responsible for delivering the vehicle to the authorized service in a safe manner that will not increase the damage. Expenses incurred during the delivery of the vehicle to the service (towing cost, service cost and other expenses) ar) will be borne by the tenant. The tenant accepts and undertakes this matter in advance.

4.8. The lessee accepts, declares and undertakes that he will drive the vehicle within the borders of the Republic of Turkey and will not take the vehicle abroad without the written consent of the lessor. The vehicle, which is determined to have been taken abroad without the written consent of the lessor, must be returned within 3 days at the latest, if requested by the lessor. Otherwise, the lessor will use all kinds of legal and penal rights.

4.9. The lessee accepts, declares and undertakes that he will not use the vehicle in the situations listed below. Otherwise, it will be responsible for all kinds of expenses, including damages, damages, penalties, loss of value that may occur in the vehicle, loss of commercial profits and damages to the goods transported in the vehicle and to the passengers, together with all its accessories. Also; The tenant, the additional driver or the third person using the vehicle are jointly and severally liable for any liability arising from the following situations.

a- T.C. In the transportation of all kinds of goods, substances and other illegal works, which are considered a crime in the laws, Customs Law and other legal legislation,

b- When pulling, pushing or loading another vehicle or moving or non-moving objects,

c- On roads closed to traffic and unsuitable for racing, speed determination, rally, durability test, drift, motor sports,

d- Carrying passengers above the number of passengers determined by the traffic rules, in any way, in the transportation of cargo and goods other than baggage,

e- In the business of carrying passengers or goods with or without gratification,

f- Under the influence of alcohol, drugs or stimulants,

g- Used on non-road and non-scheduled ferries,

h- In case it is used by the driver who is not specified as an additional driver in this contract and its accessories,

i- In animal transportation,

j- Taking into account the brand and model of the vehicle, it is used in places and roads that are not suitable for the purpose of renting, and in places and roads that are not suitable for the technical structure and endurance of the vehicle,

k- In unusual and unsuitable road conditions,

l- Leaving the vehicle for the use of a person who does not have a license or who does not have a sufficient license.

m- In contempt, bad or careless use of the vehicle.

4.10. The Tenant knows and accepts that he is responsible for the penal actions to be applied as a result of the accidents he has caused by acting in violation of the highway traffic rules, and their accessories (traffic fine, tying the vehicle subject to the contract, towing and other costs that will arise as a result).

4.11. Transit systems such as OGS, HGS for bridges, highways etc. are supplied to the lessee by the lessor. However, all payments and expenses related to these transitions, as well as penalties and costs related to illegal transit belong to the lessee.

4.12. During the rental period, the responsibility of maintenance and repair of the vehicle belongs to the lessor. When the lessor recalls the vehicle for periodic maintenance, the lessee must deliver the vehicle. The lessor may, at his own initiative, give another vehicle to the lessee, provided that the rental fee is paid for the period when the lessee is deprived of the vehicle. If the rental fee is not paid, the lessor is not obliged to provide a replacement vehicle. Due to the renter's inability to move the vehicle as a result of unconventional misuse, careless use, failure to fulfill his duty of protection and care, or accidental repair, spare parts and tire replacement costs, damage and damage caused by freezing, and similar events. The transportation expenses to bring the vehicle to the place where it is rented belong to the lessee; In such cases, the lessor shall collect the commercial loss of the vehicle from the lessee over the current rental tariff. Repairs that may be required in a remote location from the lessor's location will be made by the lessee with the written consent of the lessor, the relevant expense will be invoiced on behalf of the lessor, and when the invoice is presented to the lessor, the lessor will make the payment to the lessor.

4.13. In the event that the lessee does not comply with any article of this contract, especially if he does not deliver the vehicle on the agreed date, the lessee authorizes the lessor to immediately take back the vehicle subject to the contract, regardless of where it is and without the need for prior warning. The lessee is liable for the damage and expenses that may occur during the recovery of the vehicle by the lessor. The lessee states that if the contract has expired, the contract has expired without any notice and that not delivering the vehicle for any reason, despite the expiry of the contract, constitutes a crime under the provisions of criminal law, and that the vehicle is used outside the rental period by the tenant or, if any, by the additional driver and/or illegally. Acknowledging and declaring that he/she knows that he/she cannot benefit from any insurance, guarantee, legal right in terms of damage and liability in case of use, and that he/she cannot make any other external notification regarding these issues. it's sad.
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