Renault Clio

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Renault Clio HB Diesel Manual, which is among the economy class vehicles, is a complete opportunity vehicle in terms of the features it offers. Your driving experience will be extremely enjoyable thanks to this model, which is very comfortable to use when traveling with your spouse, friends or family.

In addition to the diesel fuel option of the model, your car rentals will also stand out with its low fuel consumption. Being an economical segment model, it is ideal for daily rentals.

Renault Clio HB Diesel Manual Car Features

Clio HB is a vehicle that uses diesel fuel type. It has a hatchback design as a chassis type. The gear type of the vehicle is manual, but it also offers a large volume in terms of luggage capacity.

The vehicle with an engine displacement of 1.5 dCi has 90 horsepower. The HB model, which offers an extremely practical drive in urban uses, also provides a comfortable use in out-of-town transportation.

Renault Clio HB Diesel Manual Fuel Consumption

Renault Clio HB Diesel Manual fuel consumption is 4.3 liters per 100 km for urban transportation; For extra-urban transportation, it needs 3.3 liters per 100 km. Accordingly, it consumes an average of 3.7 liters of fuel per 100 km.

Renault Clio HB Diesel Manual Car Rental

Renault Clio HB Diesel Manual draws attention with its low fuel consumption in car rental services. Therefore, it is among the most rented popular vehicles.

In fact, because it is an affordable vehicle, long-term rentals are made by corporate companies.

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Renault Clio
  • 5 Person
  • 3 Luggages
  • Hatchback 5 Doors
  • Manual
  • Gasoline
  • A/C
Rental Terms
  • Min. Driver Age: 21 - Driving License: 2 year(s)
  • 3000 ¤ deposit is required for this vehicle.
Renault Clio
  • Free cancellation and changes
  • 24-hour live support and roadside assistance
  • Payment by credit card or debit card
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