How to Make a Weekly Car Rental?

How to Make a Weekly Car Rental?
Weekly car rental service is preferred when holidays, annual leaves, summer holidays and similar situations are in question. Well, how to rent a car for 7 days, what are the weekly car rental prices, where is the most suitable weekly car rental?

How to Rent a Car for 7 Days?

People who want to travel with their family and loved ones may want to rent a car for a week. So much so that 7-day car rental is more advantageous than daily car rental service.

Weekly car rentals can be done through car rental locations as well as online. In fact, thanks to online car rental services, rental car prices can be made more affordable by taking advantage of various campaigns.

On the other hand, the rented car can be picked up from the preferred location due to the variety of different branches. For example, the rental car received from Izmir Gaziemir branch can be left to Adnan Menderes Airport branch if the rental period expires.

Where to Find the Most Affordable Weekly Car Rental?

The most convenient weekly car rental services are available in İzmir province Gaziemir district center, and in Alsancak, Karşıyaka, Çeşme, Urla, Selçuk and Dikili destinations. If cheap car rental is sought in Izmir, Izmir airport should also be considered.

In addition, vehicle classes are very important for affordable car rental. For this, economy class rental vehicles should be preferred. For example, Fiat Egea Diesel Manual can be preferred among diesel class vehicles, while Renault Symbol Petrol Manual can be preferred among gasoline vehicles.

How Much Are the Weekly Car Rental Prices?

Weekly car rental prices are between 1500-2500 TL. While one of the most important criteria in determining the weekly rental car prices is the model of the rental vehicle, the other is about where the rental car will be taken from and where it will be left.

For example, if a vehicle received at İzmir Alsancak point is delivered to the same point, only the vehicle fee will be paid, as there will be no one-way fee in this process. On the contrary, the price of the rented vehicle for a week will increase as it will cause extra costs to deliver the vehicle whose rental period has expired to a different branch.
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