What is a Car Rental Agreement, Why is it Done?

What is a Car Rental Agreement, Why is it Done?
The car rental agreement is an official document signed between the person renting the car and the Rent a Car company where the car is rented.
The content of the car rental agreement includes the car rental period, the car rental fee and some information about the rented vehicle.

It can be said that the car rental agreement is a document of legal nature. It is not possible to show a fixed car rental contract example. As a matter of fact, the content of the contract may vary according to the working principles of car rental companies.

What Happens in the Car Rental Agreement?

Car rental agreements, which do not have a certain standard, are generally a written document containing information about the lessee and the lessor.

When asked what the car rental agreement covers, the following items are expected to be in general terms:

  • Name, surname, telephone number, residence address of the person renting the vehicle,
  • If someone other than the person renting the vehicle will drive the vehicle, personal information of that person
  • Make, model, license plate of the rented vehicle
  • The date, time and place of receipt of the vehicle and the date, time and place of delivery of the vehicle
  • Information about the additional services provided in addition to the car rental service
  • Information about the rental company

Is Car Rental Agreement Mandatory?

It is important for people who want to get car rental service to make a rental agreement in order not to encounter any problems during the car rental process. In this sense, it is obligatory to sign a car rental agreement in order to maintain a healthy service.

The car rental agreement is of great importance for both the lessee and the lessor parties. Car rental companies that do not want to make a car rental agreement should be avoided. Likewise, a car should not be rented to customers who are unfriendly to the contract.

What are the Car Rental Contract Types?

In direct proportion to the diversity of the car rental service, the car rental contracts also vary. For example, the contract signed between the people who want to get individual car rental services and the company contains clearer statements and is short.

On the other hand, since the long-term car rental service brings a more comprehensive service understanding, the content of the contract will be full of details.

Therefore, the following can be shown as an example of car rental agreements:

  • Long Term Car Rental Agreements
  • Chauffeured Car Rental Agreements
  • Corporate Car Rental Agreements
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