What is the Mileage Limit in Car Rental?

What is the Mileage Limit in Car Rental?
The mileage limit in car rentals is determined by the fleet rental companies. The mileage right offered to the lessee in various car rental services is stated on a daily, monthly or annual basis. So, how much is the mileage limit in car rental?

What is the Km Limit in Car Rental?

Car rental km limit may vary according to Rent a Car companies. Each car rental company can determine different km limits based on the working principles of the company.

On the other hand, the daily mileage limit of car rental can be 200-300 km on average. The car rental mileage limit may also differ in terms of vehicle classes. So much so that the 300 km per day limit for economy class vehicles may change for middle class or upper class vehicles.

What is the Daily Car Rental Mileage Limit?

The km limit for daily car rental is determined as 300 km. With Moon Rent a Car, the reliable address of car rental, you can rent the most suitable vehicle for your needs from the cars in our rental cars list and benefit from the best price guarantee.

What is the Monthly Car Rental Mileage Limit?

The mileage limit for monthly car rental is determined as 3,990 km. However, it is recommended that individuals or corporate companies who want to get long-term car rental services contact car rental companies.

How much is the Car Rental Mileage Excess Fee?

In car rental, the mileage fee is determined as 1₺ per kilometer. Of course, this amount may vary from company to company. However, when an average figure is desired, it can be evaluated as 100 km/100₺.

Are There Car Rental Companies Without Km Limit?

One of the most curious people who want to rent a car is whether there are car rental companies with no km limit. So much so that after renting a car, constantly checking the vehicle mileage or worrying that the km limit will be exceeded can naturally disturb people who rent a car or want to rent a car.

In this sense, in order not to be stuck with the mileage limit in car rental, you can contact the company you will rent your car and request a pricing in this direction. In this way, you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable journey by taking advantage of the daily unlimited km car rental service.
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