Car Rental Without Credit Card

Car Rental Without Credit Card
Car rental service without a credit card does not indicate a reliable service. In this sense, reliable car rental companies do not rent a car without a credit card. It is very healthy to make a credit card obligation when renting a car in order to create a reliable ground for both the company renting the vehicle and the tenant.

Is it possible to rent a car without a credit card?

Renting a car without a credit card is a situation that varies according to various Rent a Car companies. If there is a statement that there is a credit card obligation as per the car rental conditions, the car cannot be rented without a credit card.

In this regard, most users question why a credit card is required when renting a car. Although it may seem like an unsafe approach at first, requesting a credit card while renting a car is important in terms of meeting the required collection from the credit card in cases where at least one or all of the topics such as traffic fines, failure to deliver the vehicle on the specified date, accident situations are in question.

How much is Rent a Car Credit Card Blocked?

Rent a Car credit card blocking process may vary according to the classes of rental cars. While the credit card is blocked in low amounts for economy class vehicles, higher amounts of credit card blocking can be applied for rental vehicles in the luxury vehicle class.

When Will Car Rental Credit Card Block Be Removed?

The removal of the car rental credit card blockage is implemented based on the vehicle delivery date on the car rental contract. For example; The period determined by the Rent a Car company comes into effect from the date of return of the rented vehicle to the relevant company. This process may vary depending on the number of days based on the company you work for.

How Much is Car Rental Deposit?

The car rental deposit brings different fees according to the class of the car. Car rental deposit is between 1000-2500₺ on average with the assurance of Moon Rent a Car. While a deposit of 1000₺ is taken for Fiat Doblo Diesel, which is on the list of opportunity vehicles, a deposit of 1500₺ is taken for Renault Clio HB Petrol Automatic. In addition, a deposit of 2000₺ is requested for Renault Megane Diesel Automatic, which is in the middle class vehicles list, while a guarantee amount of 2500₺ is required for the Peugeot 508, which is in the upper class vehicle list.
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